Elevating the Planet Through Transformational Healing

 My mission is to assist in the elevation of the planet by empowering one person at a time to tap into their true potential, by discovering their innate ability to heal their mind body and soul. I work to coach individuals to embrace and love themselves, leading to transformational freedom.

Sherri's Books

Intuitive Transformation Evolution

Intuitive Transformation Evolution

Intuitive Transformation Evolution


 Intuitive Transformation Evolution is a guide to living more Mindfully, and learning how to tap into your Higher Self and the Divine to receive messages on your Healing journey. This book is a valuable tool for anyone wishing to live a more carefree, joyful life, through better understanding on how Emotions impact our well-being. Learning to discern between the Ego and the Higher Self, and trusting your Intuition, will lead to Transformational Healing. Learn how to release all that no longer serves your highest good, allowing you to expand and evolve with ease. Utilizing the tools and meditations in this book will assist and encourage you on your journey to Wellness. 

"This book crossed my path at a point in my life where I had been questioning my purpose, closing myself off from the world, rethinking all of my relationships and just overall seeking deeper fulfillment.  It has become a road map to acknowledging and trusting the divine guidance placed within me.  It really reached me on a personal level and inspired me to continue on my journey to spiritual ascension.  Very well done"

"Super easy to read, and understand. Sherri breaks down tapping into your personal intuition in a way I hadn’t understood before. Definitely a must read for anyone on their path to personal enlightenment. "

 "As someone newer to learning about spiritual things and how to connect and clear, I particularly liked how Sherri broke things down clearly and concisely, giving the reader tools (i.e. meditations or specific things to try). Energy protection and clearing has been very insightful - I haven't found that written out in other books. The tone is empowering and that anyone can connect and access more - if you choose." 

Divinely Guided

Intuitive Transformation Evolution

Intuitive Transformation Evolution


Divinely Guided is a book for Teens, Parents and Young Adults. There is no question we are in a time in history where the younger generations are struggling to understand who they are, why they are different, and what they should do with their life.  Anxiety, depression and drug use among teens and young adults is at an all time high. As humanity evolves, we must continually shift our perspective, and our way of living in order to align with the trajectory of our future. Millennials and Generation Z are not lost, rather they are pioneers in the movement of our New Earth. They are here to bring great change in leadership, sustainable living, holistic and mental wellness, and a more mindful and compassionate way of living. This book is dedicated to our Youth and their parents, to help them understand why they are different, how they can overcome the challenges they face, and how they can be supported. 

Sherri's Vision and Journey


"In order to restore balance, you must bring harmony to the soul"

I  am an Intuitive Life Transformational Healer.  a modern-day empath, and a pioneer in the movement of restoring balance in people. My hope is that by helping one person at a time I can do my part to make the world a better place. I believe if one can find peace from within, among the stress, family struggles, uncertainty, and anxiety that life can bring, then those struggles will suddenly shift.  I have learned throughout my own spiritual journey that the mind is powerful and it can either work with you or against you. The thoughts that we put out in to the world, most certainly dictate what comes back to us. 

Throughout my journey, I have gained an understanding of how energy works. I have learned when I am balanced, my body and mind work together in harmony.  When I harvest fears and anxiety about work, finances and my children, I undoubtedly notice these fears manifesting into my physical reality.  When I allow myself to remain calm and positive, and accept those things I cannot change, my body mind and spirit begin to work as one. 

Through extensive class work, reading and self-study, I have learned to understand the foundation of how energy works. Whether the modality is labeled Reiki, Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing or Shamanic Healing, the energetic essence is the same. Over time of being guided intuitively, I have developed a unique energy healing style that is both healing and transformative. When coupled with the power of our own belief, my sessions have the ability to restore and unlock the flow of energy throughout the body. 


I believe we can reprogram our mind so it works with us, providing a more conducive and supportive platform. Our perspective is broadened as we gain knowledge and understanding from our sub-conscious. This new perspective initiates a freshness that allows us to navigate the magnitude of roles and responsibilities which challenge us in our daily lives. 

When we allow ourselves to express our uniqueness and unite the different aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves, only then are we truly free. 

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