Sherri's Story


I have always been an animal lover.  From a young age, I found it easier to connect with animals than with people.  My passion for helping animals derived from a deep respect for their presence in our world, and all they do for us. I have dedicated a significant part of my professional career to working with animals as a Veterinary technician in general practice, critical care, as well as several years at the National Zoo.  It was through my experience of medically managing animals after surgeries, illnesses and injuries, that I began to search for alternative methods of healing.   I began immersing myself in various healing modalities, and it was through this process that I discovered much more  than I was searching for.


As a mother, I felt my awareness shift, and I began to focus on the state of humanity.  My desire to create a better environment in which to raise my children awakened within me a passion to assist in the awareness and healing of humans.  It was my own children that opened my eyes and triggered my desire to understand what has been referred to as, “new age children,” and how vital they are to our growth and to the evolution of humanity.  

I continue to support the animals and assist in their healing; however, I am passionate about working with and understanding these unique children and young adults, their purpose, and the challenges they encounter.   I am equally passionate about helping people of all ages work through blockages and limited beliefs, receive healing and a better understanding of their own awakening and soul’s journey.  My focus is elevating the planet through transformational healing, one client at a time.  After many healing sessions using several modalities and my connection with spirit, I have developed my own Intuitive based healing process.   Healing sessions are individualized to each client and are guided by Spirit.  Whether your session includes assistance from your personal guides, other spirit helpers with knowledge pertinent to you, or your star family, your session will be  specific to you both in terms of which healing modality(ies) is best suited for your particular needs and the personal message / guidance that comes through the session.  There is no better healing experience than to know that your Spirit team is present and guiding the session.  All you need to do is remain receptive and open.  With Spirit as a co-facilitator, your healing session will exceed your expectations.