A Center for spiritual and holistic healing

A Center for spiritual and holistic healing

A Center for spiritual and holistic healingA Center for spiritual and holistic healingA Center for spiritual and holistic healing

Sherri's Story


Sherri has been an intuitive for as long as she can remember. She has always had a deep-rooted connection to animals, which unknowingly shaped the formative years of her life as she dedicated over 15 years not only as a Veterinary Technician but she felt a strong desire and calling to help the animals of the world.  Animals instill wisdom and a deep understanding of compassion and gratitude, virtues all humans would benefit from embracing. She quickly knew as an ambassador for the Animal Kingdom, she must serve her role in helping animals of all kinds. She worked extensively with domestic animals, nursing them back to health in the Intensive Care Unit and eventually followed her passion to help wild animals, and worked at the Zoo hospital. Throughout this time, Sherri went to college and received a bachelor’s degree in Health Science to compliment her work in Veterinary Medicine and received her license as a Registered Veterinary Technician.  

As Sherri grew older and had her own children her intuitive abilities became apparent to her. She began studying and absorbing any information she could to not only understand what she was experiencing but to embrace her gifts. Through meditation, channeling and extensive training Sherri spent many years working with Energy Healers, Clairvoyants, Shamans and her Spiritual advisors to fine tune her gifts in order to understand and utilize them.  After experiencing the world of parenting Sherri quickly realized how miraculous and Spiritually advanced children are. She took notice that all children come to earth in such a pure form, and their environment shapes who they become. Her undeniable love for children, animals and the spiritual realm suddenly changed the trajectory of her future.  She began to connect with people on another level, suddenly noticing things she never did before, their energy field. This is something she was always aware of but never understood. She quickly began identifying people by their energy and learned to recognize areas that were depleted or lacking. Through her Reiki training and other energy modalities she was able to help replenish and restore balance within them.  

Sherri has developed a true passion in helping people live in a world where the mind is only a part of the whole.  Where if people expand their comfort zone and open themselves up to the possibility that when they compliment western medicine with natural healing modalities it opens up a world of possibilities. Sherri believes positive thought and actions can dictate the outcome. Where how you treat others directly affects how you are treated. By instilling those values in our children and allowing them to explore their abilities as gifts not as disadvantages, people can transform, not only themselves but the world they live in.   

                                          Sherri Divband, B.S, RVT, RMT, MHt, HBCE