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HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method

HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method is considered the Gold Standard of birthing with hypnosis. HypnoBirthing is based on a philosophy that a healthy mother can achieve a peaceful and healthy birth. It is a method to teach women to be empowered, to take control of their pregnancy as well as the birth. Through deep relaxation, re-training the mind, eliminating the fear and educating yourself on how the body is truly designed to work, a woman can experience a safer and calmer birth. Fear is an illusion, and many people don’t understand the powerful effects it has on the mind and the body. When a woman has so much fear surrounding her birth, she is consciously telling her body she will have a painful birth. If you eliminate the fear through meditative fear release, education on how the body is designed to birth naturally you take back control, remove the fear and walk forward through your pregnancy excited, calm and prepared to have a peaceful birth. Through an exciting 4-5 week program Sherri can teach you the fundamentals of HypnoBirthing. Pregnant women will attend the classes with their chosen birthing companion, whether that is her husband, doula, mother or trusted friend. The ideal person to bring would be the person that will be there to support you throughout the entire pregnancy and will be attending the birth. The birthing companion plays a vital role in this program, where they are the advocate, supporter and positive influence on the mother in this very special time. Some of the benefits offered in this program are:

  • Empowers expectant parents with vital tools to achieve a peaceful, healthy and calm birth
  • The birthing companion is given a vital role in the birthing process   
  • Teaches relaxation techniques and deep relaxation to eliminate fear and anxiety    
  • Aides in eliminating the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome  
  • Tools for the mother to remain calm and work with her body, not against it so she can  experience a more alert, energetic and often a pain free birth  
  • Introduces the valuable breathing techniques to use for the different stages of labor in order to efficiently breathe through surges and remain calm during the final stages of labor. 

Classes are structured once a week for 4 weeks lasting 3 hours, with either private or group sessions available. The program includes:

              * HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method book including two additional relaxation tracks

              * Two relaxation tracks: Rainbow Relaxation and Birthing Affirmations  

              * Three hypnosis sessions including a fear release and techniques for ultimate   


              * Thorough explanation of the phases of labor and misconceptions of labor

              * Techniques for rapid relaxation and what to expect when labor begins

              * Learn the three HypnoBirthing breathing techniques

              * Includes all HypnoBirthing handouts, partner scripts, additional Evidence based 


              * Continued phone and email support at the completion of the series

              * One Free Pre-natal Reiki session at the completion of the series    

              * Access to the HypnoBirthing International Parents Facebook page for continued 



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It's about knowing what to expect

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Hear what other HypnoBirthing moms are saying


"Thank you for all of your help! Christina was in the hospital for about 4.5 hours before she gave birth. The classes led to a very successful and manageable birth experience.

Thank you again for all of your help, we could not have done it without you!" 

-Christina's Husband 

 Congrats Christina and Dave! 


"My wife and I attended the hypnobirthing class and we are so happy we did! Sherri is the best! She is a professional at what she does and takes her class very seriously. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and truly believes in what she is teaching. This being our first child we had some concerns about the birthing process, Sherri answered all our questions and assured us by the end of the class we would have the tools for the birth we had planned. We strongly believe that without this class we would not have been prepared to have the natural birth we had planned. My wife had an unmedicated natural childbirth using the techniques from the class.  Thank you Sherri for helping my wife and I through this amazing experience" 

Congrats Erika!


 "My family has so much for which to thank Sherri. Pregnancy and birth can be an anxious provoking time, but Sherri made the process so pleasurable and full of valuable information that my husband and I felt fully equipped and confident that we would have a wonderful experience during our daughter’s birth. Sherri was knowledgeable, personable, and she simply cared so much about all the families she worked with. She made herself available to stay in touch and help us with any questions or issues we had after the classes ended, and she made sure to check in before and after our baby’s birth. The Hypnobirthing techniques we learned has made a tremendous difference in how we experienced this very special time in our lives, before, during, and after the birth of our baby girl. I am already looking forward to working with her again in the future, for baby number two! 100% recommended" 

Congratulations to Chi and Bobby for welcoming little baby Camilla in to the world! I'm so proud of you.


"Being a first time mother, I was very nervous about what to expect during my labor and delivery. I had often heard about the terrifying birthing experiences of other women and was not looking forward to having the same experience. I am so happy that my husband and I decided to take a hypnobirthing course with Sherri. She was informative and acted as a support system for us. Sherri answered all of our questions and discussed various scenarios that we could encounter. The day of delivery I was able to confidently verbalize my needs and wants to hospital staff. The Mongan method allowed me to have the calm, quick and natural birthing experience that I wanted." 

Congrats Samantha!

" I never wrote a review before but I wanted to share my thoughts about Sherri. I took her hypnobirthing class in March/April 2017 and I cannot say enough good things about her. I agree with the majority of reviews, she is very knowledgeable, professional, speaks in calm voice, and explains hypnobirthing concepts in clear matter. She also listened well and was able to relate to me and understand my needs and worries. She truly loves what she does and cares about people. During this class, I faced some medical issues and she adopted the entire program to address the challenges we faced, she designed exercises particular for me. Not only did I feel better after each of her classes, but I gained more knowledge, confidence and I became calmer. Thank you Sherri for all that you do!"


 "My husband and I took hypno-birthing classes with Sherri. She was wonderful and very knowledgable. I was so nervous about birth prior to taking the classes and Sherri did an amazing job of arming us with the knowledge we needed and making us feel better about the birthing process. I can't recommend her enough!"


" We cannot recommend Sherri and her hypnobirthing course highly enough! We took one-on-one classes with Sherri at our home in MD. She was highly professional, flexible on the rare occasions that we had conflicts after work, and an exceptional, compassionate guide. As first time parents, we feel far more confident, ready for birth and the next chapter of our lives, thanks to the breathing and visualization skills that she imparted. If you're considering hypnobirthing, you could not be in better hands."


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March 2020

Location: Intuitive Wellness

8002 Wisconsin Ave Suite 100

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May 2020 TBD


Group Classes $400

Private Classes $55

More Birth Services

Pre-Natal Reiki

Hypnosis to Release Trauma and Fear Surrounding Birth

Hypnosis to Release Trauma and Fear Surrounding Birth



Pregnancy can be such a beautiful experience, and it is essential that the mom remain as relaxed as possible throughout each trimester. Energy work is a gentle method of relaxation by balancing the energy in the body for both mom and baby, Many pregnant women still have to work stressful jobs, have little time to relax and may have other children to care for. Energy work is a quick way to fit relaxation in to your pregnancy wellness routine. Here are some of the benefits:

* Aides in relaxation and well-being

          * Reduce pain associated with achy joints and back pain

          * Lower blood pressure and anxiety levels

          * Release endorphins for serenity and calm

          * Minimize uncomfortable pregnancy aches and pain

          * Increase overall peace contributing to a calmer birth

Sessions last 30 minutes and includes Crystal Therapy, Intuitive Guidance and recommendations for continued relaxation 

Hypnosis to Release Trauma and Fear Surrounding Birth

Hypnosis to Release Trauma and Fear Surrounding Birth

Hypnosis to Release Trauma and Fear Surrounding Birth


If you have had a a traumatic birth and have fear surrounding giving birth again, you are not alone. The United States has the highest rate of Induction and Cesareans than almost any other country in the world. Women have lost the confidence in themselves to have a beautiful birth experience. This is because for generations birth has been portrayed as a medically managed traumatic experience. Whether it be the media, your family and even well intentioned friends all happy to share their horror stories. This does not have to be your experience. If this is your first child, or you have experienced childbirth before, it is time to release this fear and take back control. Through Hypnosis you can re-write your experience, release traumas and in turn have a more empowered, relaxed peaceful birth. 

How it works:

By participating in a two hour session you can begin to peel back the layers of trauma and in return have more clarity and ease in your ability to birth with confidence and more importantly enjoy your pregnancy.

Results are typically seen with only one session, however multiple sessions may be necessary.

Hypnosis for Infertility

Hypnosis to Release Trauma and Fear Surrounding Birth

Hypnosis for Infertility


Have you been unable to get pregnant despite trying everything. You eat healthy, you live a healthy lifestyle, you have tried fertility treatments and therapy and nothing has worked? 

Hypnosis can help get to the root of the issue by accessing the subconscious mind to reveal unknown fears, health concerns and can provide the answers you have been looking for. Often times the overwhelming stress associated with negative pregnancy tests can actually lower your chance of getting pregnant. Hypnosis can assist in releasing those anxieties and fears associated with a sense of frustration and self doubt. By releasing and relaxing, often times women find it much easier to become pregnant. Here are some benefits of Hypnosis for Infertility:

*Relaxes the Body, Mind and Spirit

*Reveals answers as to why you have been unable to become pregnant or explanations for unexpected loss

*Ability to effectively release Fears 

*Promotes Clarity and Peace

*Relaxes the uterus and decreases inflammation

*Assists in overall Wellness and Self-worth

How it works:

This is a 3 session package that includes:

*A 2 hour session to include: History and background, introduction in preparation for Hypnosis treatments, activities to access the subconscious to reveal hidden thoughts. Instruction for home assignments

*A 2 hour session to include: Review of at home assignments, a Hypnosis session to release  traumas and fears related to pregnancy and your body and connecting to your subconscious. A brief discussion will take place on continued at home progress assignments

*A 2 hour session to include: a Hypnosis session to implant positive suggestions and to assist the body to prepare for a successful conception. A 20 minute Reiki session to enhance the energy flow through the body and  intuitive guidance. Final thoughts and suggestions.

*Continued email and phone support

*Discounts on any other birth services and

 appropriate energy sessions for continued relaxation and stress reduction

*Please note that the 3 sessions will be spread out on three different days. The first 2 hour session will be scheduled first and the remaining two will be scheduled in person during the first session. 

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