A Center for spiritual and holistic healing

A Center for spiritual and holistic healing

A Center for spiritual and holistic healingA Center for spiritual and holistic healingA Center for spiritual and holistic healing

What are Chakras

Chakras are the Pathway Between the Physical and Energetic Body

Chakras are the energy centers just outside our body that allow the energy to flow into the body and back out again. There are seven main Chakras that dictate this flow. Each  

Chakra relates to physical body functions and the emotions that match the vibration of each Chakra. You can think of the Chakras as the security system for the energy flow of the body. They control what energy comes in and out, based on what is best for the body at the time. 

How They Function:

Chakras function like mini fans that extend a few inches from the body. When they are working efficiently, they flow in a clockwise motion, allowing an appropriate amount of energy through them. When they are functioning at a lower capacity, they are either spinning clockwise, yet very slow, or they reverse and spin counter- clockwise. This means the flow is disrupted due to an outside stimulus, such as another person’s lower-vibrating energy coming through and shifting the system or from a lower- vibrational event, such as an altercation that causes a large amount of negative energy to flow through and throw everything out of balance. If this event or energy is vast and the person doesn’t process it, or release the energy from their body, the Chakra can stop all together. 

Dis-ease and Blocked Chakras:

The fan stops running and no energy is coming in or going out. Although this is an extreme case, it is extremely common. A good majority of clients who come to see me have at least one Chakra that is blocked due to events or traumas in their lives. These blocked Chakras need immediate attention. Otherwise the lack of natural energy flow can cause physical illnesses, such as irritable bowel disease, severe acute back pain, stomach ulcers, and cancers. Let’s go through the Chakras to better explain where they are in the body and what they relate to.

Chakra Spinning

What is Chakra Spinning?

Chakra Spinning is a modality of Energy Healing that I channeled from my Guides. I was directed to use this form of healing to channel energy directly into the Chakras in order to balance the flow. This is a profound mechanism that I have downloaded where I am guided to spin the fans of the Chakras to clear unwanted energy, remove blockages, and allow the flow of the fans to function evenly throughout the body.  This is a very specific process of intentional clearing and re-directing the energy outside the body before it enters the Chakras. 

What Does This Mean for my Wellness?

This is an extremely effective method to help those individuals that are feeling lost, blocked or not themselves. The flow and the direction the Chakras are spinning can have an effect on how we think, act, and re-act to any situation in life. If you are feeling confused, depressed, worried or angry, there is a strong chance you have one or more blockages. When you have blockages, the energy flow throughout the body becomes compromised, causing illness, fatigue, weight gain, anxiety and stress.

This Multi-dimensional process involves working with the Chakras as well as the Emotional Body to bring Balance, Clarity and Transformational Healing. 


Chakra Spinning Session

Each session is 60 minutes and includes a discussion before the session, an evaluation of the Chakras, the Spinning session and a post-discussion.  

Chakra Spinning Classes


Learn about the Chakras

In this unique class you will get an in-depth look at the Chakras.

  • How they function
  • Where they are 
  • What Emotions and Body Systems correlate to each Chakra
  • The Colors that compliment the Chakras and why
  • How to incorporate Crystals in Chakra Balancing and Vitality 

How to Feel the Energy of Chakras

You will have the opportunity to feel your own Chakras and others in the class. This is an important factor in understanding the levels of intensity in each Chakra and how they differ. 

  • Partner up with different people in the class to feel the difference from one person to the next
  • Learn how to discern the different energy that flows from the Chakras
  • Learn to feel your own Chakras
  • How to access Chakras with Pendulums and Muscle Testing

The Art of Chakra Spinning

In this class you will learn the technique of Chakra Spinning. This is a profound mechanism to empower yourself to clear your own Chakras to aide in your day to day healing. Once you learn this technique you will be able to help your friends and family by Spinning their Chakras too!

  • Learn the process of grounding and connecting to Spirit
  • Learn how to Spin Chakras and manipulate their energy flow in a positive way
  • You will see immediate and positive results
  • You will re-evaluate each others Chakras after the Spinning process to see the difference in flow

Experience a special Sound Bowl meditation at the end of class.

What are Other People Saying?

" Earlier this year we learned how to identify our chakras at a different studio, but never learned any practical ways to clear blockages and open up our energy. When we took Chakra Spinning with Sherri, everything was so clearly taught and we were easily guided through exercises. Sherri teaches the technique in a way that makes it simple and easy to gain mastery, making us more apt to use it throughout the day. Since taking the class, we've been starting our day with checking our chakras and opening up any blockages. We feel clearer, relaxed, and charged/open for the day that lies ahead."  TC

"I signed up for the Chakra Spinning class because I wanted to learn more about the chakras and how they contribute to our overall well being. This class taught me so much about how to "spin" the chakras to bring the energy of balance and ease back into our bodies. Sherri's instruction was informative and so much fun! I learned how to sense other people's chakra energies as well as my own and bring those energies to a higher vibration. Such an empowering class!"  DS

Upcoming Classes

February 29th from 12-3pm