Reiki Certifications


Are you interested in learning Reiki?

Sherri is a Certified Usui Reiki Master and teacher. By taking her informative class you too can learn how to do Reiki on yourself, children, friends and pets. Sherri will teach you the fundamentals of Reiki and energy healing.  

Reiki Classes

Classes are offered throughout the year in a group setting or on a private basis.


Reiki Level One certification is a 3 hour enlightening and positive experience.  What is included: 

  • Thorough explanation of the history of Reiki
  • Detailed description and demonstrations of how energy works 
  • Handouts of hand positions and reference guide to take home
  • How to check and balance Chakras
  • How to incorporate color to enhance healing
  • Ethics when working on others
  • The opportunity to practice hand positions on other classmates in a safe environment
  • Reiki 1 Attunement
  • Reiki 1 Certification 

Investment $175

Reiki Level Two Is an advanced Reiki class that teaches you how to go deeper in your healing sessions utilizing the sacred Usui Reiki Symbols that are passed down from teacher to student. These symbols amplify the healing process and enhances the Reiki session. You will also learn how to do distance healing for family and friends that live in other cities where you can't perform in-person sessions. You will learn the healing properties of crystals and how to incorporate them in to your Reiki sessions for optimal results.  

Reiki Level Two Certification is a 3 hour Transformative experience. What is included: 

  • Advanced Reiki techniques
  • Reiki Symbols
  • Distance Healing
  • Incorporating Crystals
  • Energy and Plants
  • Level 2 Attunement
  • Level 2 Certification 

Investment $200

Reiki Master Level is the third level Reiki certification that teaches you the advanced Usui Reiki symbols and how to teach others Reiki. Once you take Level three, you are then able to teach others. You will learn how to give attunements, a sacred ceremony passed down from teacher to student. You will receive guidance on starting a Reiki business, and the ethics surrounding a professional relationship with clients.

This is an advanced class that teaches you to tap into your Intuition to guide you through your sessions. You will be encouraged to expand your energy healing beyond what you know, and rather feel the energy and what the Auric field is telling you. This is an intimate and unique experience for everyone.  If you feel that you are being called to become a Reiki Master, I encourage you to take this class. However, a pre-requisite would be a minimum of 6 months of practicing Level One and Two. If you feel that you are ready sooner please don't hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to discuss your own personal journey. 

Master Level is a 4 hour class that includes: 

  • Reiki Level 3 symbols
  • Sacred Meditation
  • How to teach Reiki to others
  • Learn to trust your Intuition in your sessions
  • Learn how to give an attunement
  • Receive a Level 3 attunement
  • Level Three Certification

Investment $240

Reiki for Pets

Do you want to learn how to do Reiki on your own pet? Animals respond very well to energy, as they have no reservations to this type of treatment. They are open and willing to receive energy and this form of treatment can help with a variety of issues such as anxiety, stress, aches and pains and overall well-being. Whether you have a dog or a goldfish, Reiki can help Pets of all sizes. 

  • Thorough explanation of the history of Reiki
  • Detailed description and demonstrations of how energy works 
  • Handouts of hand positions for pets and reference guide to take home
  • How to check and balance their Chakras
  • How to incorporate color and energy
  • The opportunity to practice hand positions on a dog in a safe environment
  • Reiki 1 Attunement
  • Reiki 1 for Pets Certification

Investment $200

Chakra Spinning Classes


Learn about the Chakras

In this unique class you will get an in-depth look at the Chakras.

  • How they function
  • Where they are 
  • What Emotions and Body Systems correlate to each Chakra
  • The Colors that compliment the Chakras and why
  • How to incorporate Crystals in Chakra Balancing and Vitality 

How to feel the energy of Chakras

You will have the opportunity to feel your own Chakras and others in the class. This is an important factor in understanding the levels of intensity in each Chakra and how they differ. 

  • Partner up with different people in the class to feel the difference from one person to the next
  • Learn how to discern the different energy that flows from the Chakras
  • Learn to feel your own Chakras
  • How to access Chakras with Pendulums and Muscle Testing

The Art of Chakra Spinning

In this class you will learn the technique of Chakra Spinning. This is a profound mechanism to empower yourself to clear your own Chakras to aide in your day to day healing. Once you learn this technique you will be able to help your friends and family by Spinning their Chakras too!

  • Learn the process of grounding and connecting to Spirit
  • Learn how to Spin Chakras and manipulate their energy flow in a positive way
  • You will see immediate and positive results
  • You will re-evaluate each others Chakras after the Spinning process to see the difference in flow

Experience a special Sound Bowl meditation at the end of class.

Investment $95

What are other people saying?

" Earlier this year we learned how to identify our chakras at a different studio, but never learned any practical ways to clear blockages and open up our energy. When we took Chakra Spinning with Sherri, everything was so clearly taught and we were easily guided through exercises. Sherri teaches the technique in a way that makes it simple and easy to gain mastery, making us more apt to use it throughout the day. Since taking the class, we've been starting our day with checking our chakras and opening up any blockages. We feel clearer, relaxed, and charged/open for the day that lies ahead."  TC

"I signed up for the Chakra Spinning class because I wanted to learn more about the chakras and how they contribute to our overall well being. This class taught me so much about how to "spin" the chakras to bring the energy of balance and ease back into our bodies. Sherri's instruction was informative and so much fun! I learned how to sense other people's chakra energies as well as my own and bring those energies to a higher vibration. Such an empowering class!"  DS

Intuitive Development Classes

Intuitive Development: Connecting with Spirit


In this workshop you will learn how to connect to your Higher Self and to the Divine. This is an enlightening workshop that will enable you to communicate with your guidance system and how to discern the messages you are receiving. 

This 3 hour class Includes:

  • Learn how to protect yourself
  • Learn how to ground and connect
  • Learn if you connect through sound, visualization or a knowing
  • Meditation to meet your Animal Totem
  • Meditation to meet your Guides
  • Learn to trust and develop your Intuition

Investment $95

Intuitive Healing


In this workshop you will learn valuable techniques to take back your power, and tap into your ability to heal your body of anxiety, trapped emotions and physical ailments. If you are tired of surrendering to doctors and pharmaceuticals, then this is the class for you. This is a fun and interactive opportunity to learn hands on techniques, and practice them in a safe environment on yourself, and others in the class.

This 3 hour class Includes:

  • Meditations to promote healing
  • Learn tapping to release trapped emotional energy
  • Learn emotion coding to release trapped emotions
  • Breathing techniques to take control of your emotions
  • Emotional High Rise
  • Learn how emotions affect our well-being, so you can take back control of your healing journey.

Investment $95

Dowsing with Pendulums


 In this workshop you will learn the ancient art of dowsing. This has been used for centuries to gain information from your higher self, guides and angels. By discovering your unique relationship with your pendulum you have access to an abundance of knowledge. You will learn to establish and understand the answers being given when your pendulum swings in a variety of directions. Dowsing charts will be provided.

Investment $75 

Animal Communication


 If you have ever wanted to learn how to communicate with animals than this is the class for you. In this workshop you will learn how to tap in to your furry friend’s energy in order to communicate with them. Your pets are so eager to communicate with you and are willing and patient. You will learn simple techniques to aide you in your journey and a fun and exciting practice session after class to test your progress. 

This 3 hour class Includes:

  • How to elevate your vibration to connect
  • Meditations to ground and connect
  • Meditation to connect to your animal totem
  • Practice to connect to your pet
  • Continued email support 

Investment $ 100

Intuitive Development: Channeling


 In this exciting workshop you will learn how to Channel your guides, angels and more. This form of channeling is also known as automatic writing.  You allow your conscious mind to rest while you put your pen to paper and allow messages to come through. We will practice clearing your energy, how to call on your guides and angels and how to trust in the knowing that the messages received are from the divine. 

Investment $95

Group Sound Healing


This is a great opportunity to learn about healing with sound. You will be introduced to a variety of healing instruments such as drums, sound bowls and chimes. Experience the vibrational differences of each  method through a transformative sound healing session. 

Investment $55

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