A Center for spiritual and holistic healing

A Center for spiritual and holistic healing

A Center for spiritual and holistic healingA Center for spiritual and holistic healingA Center for spiritual and holistic healing

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy


What is Hypnotherapy

Sherri is a Master Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist through the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH). This type of therapy is based on the principles of traditional therapy with a Holistic approach.  In Transpersonal Hypnotherapy there is an emphasis on the innate spiritual resources within each individual, along with the assumption that the guidance of a higher power will prevail within the therapeutic relationship, synchronistically bringing those insights and experiences that lead to the client’s highest good.   This orientation leads the practitioner into considering a broad scope of interventions that lead to mental, physical or spiritual changes and increased awareness. The transpersonal hypnotherapist allows for client and therapist to address any aspect of the relationship between the mind, body and spirit, and their effects on one another; yet, there is no religious orientation suggested, but instead an unfoldment that makes it possible for clients to explore their relationship to a universal creator and their own unique spiritual walk through human life. Hypnotherapy can help with a variety of issues such as anxiety, trauma, stress, bad habits and addiction. Hypnotherapy is very effective and can often assist with positive change in just a few sessions, where traditional psychotherapy can take months or even years before any change is noted.  

Sherri has created a unique combination of Reiki and Hypnotherapy. When you combine the two together it can be quite a powerful session. Reiki is used to bring the client  to a relaxed and peaceful state. Once that has been achieved the Hypnotherapy can begin. One of the most difficult things that many people face is the ability to relax their mind. Through the process of Reiki they allow their mind to slow down and a state of harmony is achieved throughout their body, thus giving them the opportunity to receive the maximum benefit from their hypnosis session.


Stress and Anxiety

Stress is inevitable in today's world whether it is due to finances, parenting or job related, the underlying emotions that feed the anxiety can be discovered in a Hypnotherapy session. Age regression is often the first step in determining this root cause. Once the root is determined, we can work to re-program your reaction to certain situations on a subconscious level drastically changing your reaction to stressful situations. Results can be seen within two to three sessions. 


Breaking Bad Habits

Smoking is one of the most common habits that clients wish to eliminate. It is a battle that has been going on with people for decades. Whether they have tried the patch, quitting cold turkey or trying prescription drugs the results are often the same, a relapse. Hypnotherapy is a proven successful method of quitting for good because it works on a subconscious level where habits are stored. It is important to understand that in order for this form of hypnotherapy to work the person needs to want to give up smoking. This may sound like an obvious criteria, however many choose to quit smoking for their kids, partners or health issues. If they are trying to quit something but deep down inside they don't want to, there is no method of treatment that will work for them until they are truly ready to give up the habit. If the person is ready, results can be seen within two sessions and would require four sessions for optimal results.  


Children and Hypnotherapy

This is one area of Hypnotherapy that I am truly passionate about. As a mother of three I am familiar with the variety of developmental stages which come with their own set of stressful factors. Whether the child is experiencing behavioral issues, stress due to school pressures, ADHD, depression or fear, Hypnotherapy can be a great tool. It is important to note that with any therapy with children that the parents be an active party. Parental support is a fundamental aspect of therapy and children. It is common for children to experience symptoms of anger or depression without understanding the reason, which can lead to frustration and then manifest as behavioral problems. Hypnotherapy can be a gateway to the child's subconscious and through this window we can input positivity and a better understanding of the root cause, from there solutions can be obtained. The amount of sessions is variable depending on the presenting issue. 


Past Life Regression

This is a powerful form of Hypnotherapy where the individual can explore many lifetimes in order to discover the true root of their anxieties, life's purpose and even phobias and irrational fears. When you allow yourself to enter the realm of other lifetimes with the guidance of your trained therapist, the outcome can be quite transformative and enlightening. In two to three sessions you will discover fundamental information that may be influencing your current life patterns in a negative matter. 

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