New Practitioners


Janelle Batkin-Hall

I am so grateful to be part of the Intuitive Wellness community! As an Usui Reiki Level III Master and reiki crystal healer, I am here to help balance your energy systems and to promote a well-balanced mind, body, and soul connection. It is my goal to support and empower your journey. I am available for in-person and distance reiki sessions, and would be happy to discuss incorporating crystal energy work into your healing session.

My personal healing journey began nearly fifteen years ago. After a series of major life changes, I began experiencing anxiety, which ultimately led to chronic panic attacks, fatigue, insomnia, and acute headaches. Even my positive life changes seemed overwhelming at times. Under the care and guidance of a good friend, who is an acupuncturist and martial arts and meditation instructor, my symptoms were treated holistically. To my amazement, the headaches subsided significantly after the first acupuncture treatment. The whole experience provided me tremendous relief from physical pain, and a sense of calm and inner peace that enabled me to take control of my anxiety. I eventually added reiki and massage treatments to my healing journey. My experience has been so profound that it led me to follow my calling - to help people live their best lives through energy healing.

I am originally from the beautiful Finger Lakes region of Central New York and lived many years in New York City, before moving to Maryland in 2006. In addition to earning my Reiki Master certification, I have a MA in Art Conservation, a BFA in Art Restoration, and an AAS in Photography. When I’m not treating people, you will find me treating works of art at several DC area museums and on-site at various archaeological excavations around the world.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you find greater balance and well-being!

A 60 min Reiki and Crystal healing session is $80. This is a promotional rate, that will go up to $90 in June of 2020.

Please contact Janelle at 917-848-0617 to schedule your appointment.


Dinah Simpson

Hi, I'm Dinah. How are you? I mean, really, how are you? I want to know who you are and all the things that go along with being you. This is your energy, and that energy is what lights you up. And our connection is what brings me energy. I’m so excited to join the beautiful community here at Intuitive Wellness.

My journey through personal trauma, heartbreaks, loss of my father, and becoming a parent lead me down a path of transformation--to a place where I learned the high vibrational philosophies, and adopted them to fully enrich my life. I now use these enlightening tools to move through life’s ups and downs with love, compassion, gratitude, a neutral mind, and a smile.

Reiki opened the flow of energy, the Ki, within my body. The Ki that was stagnant started to flow and release. First it was a release of physical pain: headaches, back pain, tension. Then it was the emotional pain, the cry that stirred my inner child and allowed her to feel seen. Then, more cries that I did not question, just surrendered to because the Ki needed to be released. Following came the higher wisdom, the Rei, that my body and mind embraced. Peace. Calm. Love. Gratitude. Compassion. These higher vibrational energies started to find their way back into my body and mind because there was and is now room.

The lightness of Rei (higher wisdom) Ki (energy) is always within me, within you, but sometimes we just need a little energy healing to let what no longer serves us... go. These are the the day-to-day stressors or the big life-changing experiences that occupy our minds and manifest as tensions within our bodies. The emotions that keep arising that bring us down to the lower level vibration--where we just feel yucky. When we take time to nurture ourselves with these enlightened practices, we can begin our healing journey. We then rediscover that lightness within, that love and pure joy. It's within everything we are, in our hearts, in the sunshine, in the stars, our friendships, our community, the earth.

My intention is to empower people just like you to live the highest vibration of your life. I am a certified Usui Reiki Level III Master. I offer In-Person and Distance Reiki, as well as Meditation Programs for organizations and individuals. Through meditation and energy healing, I have found a way of life that connects me to my highest and most authentic self and I am humbled to share these practices with you.

To schedule an appointment with Dinah please email: