A Center for spiritual and holistic healing

A Center for spiritual and holistic healing

A Center for spiritual and holistic healingA Center for spiritual and holistic healingA Center for spiritual and holistic healing

What does an Energy Healing Session include?

No Two Session are the Same

My healing sessions are truly transformational and unique, in that I combine more than one modality and my Intuitive gifts to provide a custom healing session for each person. I spend the first 5-10 minutes discussing what the person is looking to get out of the energy session and I explain what I will be doing during the session to tap in to their energetic vibrational field, to determine where their energetic blockages are and which emotions are attached to them. I re-balance all chakras and discuss which energy centers had blockages or dis-harmony. Intuitive guidance is also given, if requested to receive answers from the divine on how to more forward in a more purposeful way.  Past lives can also be explored in order to better understand emotional traumas and unknown cycles contributing to disharmony in your current life.

A session is 60 minutes and we spend the remaining time discussing the information I received and I guide you on how you can continue in your life in a more balanced way. 

Are You Ready to Live a More Balanced Life?

It starts with taking the first step in your Healing and Wellness Journey. If you allow me to guide you in this journey, I can teach you how to take back control of your life, starting with discovering your true purpose and how to release what is stopping you from being the best version of yourself. I can empower you to take the driver seat in your life, your wellness and your emotional well-being. 

One Healing Session is the Beginning

I can certainly make a difference in your life through one session, by re-balancing and re-distributing the flow of energy within your energetic field, which can lead to more clarity and happiness. However, I am honest with everyone that I work with, once you leave my center you are in control of what happens next. I am a guide, a conduit and a mentor, and I can only take someone so far if they are not willing to help themselves in their healing journey. If you are ready to take the first step, and commit to evolving through your own personal journey, through patience and honest reflection, the possibilities are endless

I am Ready to Commit to my Wellness Journey

Congratulations, you are ready to begin and commit to your well-being, to transform your life from Average to Exceptional. I have designed a Healing Package for those that are ready to Awaken to their true Potential.

Transformational Healing Package

This is a 4 Session Journey that includes Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance, Hypnosis to release fears and anxiety and an Access Bars Session to round out your healing experience. It's time to Thrive and move forward to a happier more balanced life!

First Session: 90 minute session to include introductions, your healing goals and expectations. a 40 minute energy session, and a conversation to relay information received during the session, recommendations for self care and release work between sessions.

Second Session: 90 minute session of Hypnotherapy to assist in the release of fears, anxieties, and all that is holding you back from achieving your desires. The opportunity to ask your higher self any questions about your healing and life purpose. An opportunity to receive profound healing directly implanted in to your sub-conscious, the true source of your awareness.

Third Session: 60 minute Energy session and follow up on your progress and continued self-care assignments.

Fourth Session: 90 minute session to include Access Bars, a final energetic clearing to ensure that you are operating from your true self and not pre-programming. This session brings ultimate clarity and assists you to think from a place of inner reflection, where your decisions and actions moving forward are for the benefit of your highest good and not what other would want. This is the final step to bring you to a space where you can claim your life back and with the tools received through your Transformational Journey, you can finally take control of your life, your wellness and your happiness. 

*Sessions are typically once a week. To schedule your first session please choose the main Transformational Healing Package: Session One. the remaining 3 sessions will be scheduled individually according to the session number.  Sessions should not be scheduled less than one week apart. 

*You will also receive a copy of my book Intuitive Transformation Evolution to use as a guide through your healing journey*

Full payment is due before the first session. Once you schedule your first session, a PayPal invoice will be emailed to you within 24 hours. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.   

Healing with Sound

Chakra Balancing with Crystal Healing and Sound Bathing


This is a profound combination of healing utilizing the powers of crystals amplified by Sound Bowls. When the crystals are placed on the chakras, the vibrational frequencies from the bowls facilitate a space for multi-dimensional healing.  

Crystal Pyramid with Reiki


This is a profound clearing method of unwanted energy, and to re-align the body and elevate your frequency.  The gentle vibration of the crystal pyramid aides in clearing the auric body, in order for the reiki energy to run smoothly through the chakras to facilitate transformational healing. 

More about Healing Modalities



Reiki is a Japanese healing technique where I receive energy from the universal light force and channel that pure energy into another person. Day to day life can cause energy blockages which can manifest on a physical level. In order to restore that balance, one must first recognize there has been a change, and with focused intention allow themselves to receive energetic healing in order to replenish the tranquility within the body. A Reiki session can aide a person to restore emotional well-being, activate the body’s natural healing ability and restore and re-direct the energy channels within the body. The energy that flows through the individual feels like a warm ray of calming energy that disperses through the body harmoniously and it is directed wherever the body is calling that energy. Here are some examples of how Reiki can help you: 

  • Dissolves energy blocks and promotes natural balance between the mind, body and spirit  
  • Creates a state of deep relaxation and helps the body release anxiety and stress  
  • Helps to clear the mind     
  • Accelerates the body's natural healing ability  
  • Increases energy levels      

Quantum Touch

This modality is utilized when the energy needs to be focused, amplified and directed to a particular area of the body. This can be a very effective form of energy work when a person is experiencing pain, recovering from surgery, experiencing muscle aches or any form of acute or chronic issue.  When you send concentrated energy in to certain areas of the body it can accelerate cellular growth and promote circulation to areas of injury or swelling. With as few as two to three treatments you can feel the effects as it can greatly reduce pain by allowing the body to essentially heal itself. This can be a difficult concept for many to grasp, however when a person can open themselves up to the notion that the human body has the ability to work in succession with the energy it is surrounded by, with concentration and intention, there Is no limit to it’s potential.  It is important to understand that this form of energy healing, as with any healing treatment must not take place of medical care, but rather used in conjunction with your current treatment plan prescribed by your physician. Some of the many benefits of Quantum touch include:  

  • Greatly reduces swelling and inflammation from acute injuries and post-surgical sites     
  • Assists in pain management for chronic pain such as back, muscular and joint pain    
  • Promotes circulation and cell regeneration for overall wellness    

Crystal Therapy

Crystals have been utilized in healing for centuries. Crystals have an abundance of healing properties. When combining crystals with energy, it amplifies the healing affect in the body. Crystals can be used to aide in pain management, remove toxins from the body, and re-balance the energy within the body and in the auric field.

A variety of crystals will be used during the session, and can be placed either on or around the body.

Combining Modalities


I intuitively combine Reiki, Quantum Touch, crystals and my own style of Energy Alignment that I have formulated throughout years of practice. I rely heavily on my intuitive guidance, to cater to each individual’s specific needs. Just as there are no two people alike, there are no two healing treatments alike. Each session is completely different as I connect with the person on an energetic level in order to gain an understanding of their energetic make up and thoroughly address any blockages or pathways of concern. There is no need to request the right treatment for you, as I will be sure to determine if one or all of the modalities are necessary during each session.     

Energy healing for Children


Energetic work can be profoundly helpful for children . Children can be particularly sensitive to the energy around them, whether it be from their parents, siblings, class mates or friends. Children experience stress, anxiety and even fear just like us adults, the only difference is they may not be able to recognize it and it masks in other behaviors such as acting out, withdrawal and even illness. I have three children of which I have used reiki and other healing techniques on throughout their entire lives. I can honestly say that it helps them tremendously. Children can receive reiki and other healing modalities safely on a regular basis or as needed. Below are some common things energy work can help children with:

      * Assist with anxiety and stress from school

      * Reduce symptoms of hyperactivity 

      * Assist with better sleep

      * Assist with behavior issues

      * Brings an overall sense of well-being

      * Accelerate healing from injuries like broken bones 

      * Getting over colds and illness more quickly



Pre-natal Reiki

Pregnancy can be such a beautiful experience, and it is essential that the mom remain as relaxed as possible throughout each trimester. Energy work is a gentle method of relaxation by balancing the energy in the body for both mom and baby, Many pregnant women still have to work stressful jobs, have little time to relax and may have other children to care for. Energy work is a quick way to fit relaxation in to your pregnancy wellness routine. Here are some of the benefits:

           * Aides in relaxation and well-being

           * Reduce pain associated with achy joints and back pain

           * Lower blood pressure and anxiety levels

           * Release endorphins for serenity and calm

           * Minimize uncomfortable pregnancy aches and pain

           * Increase overall peace contributing to calmer birth

"Sherri is such a compassionate, professional, and talented woman. I did not know what to expect my first session and was a little skeptical. She welcomed me right in and made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. I have now been going to her for Reiki and Energy Healing for 9 months and am so grateful for her. She has helped me through some dark times and has given me tools and techniques to get through the daily hardships of life. She provides guidance tailored to what will work for you and really just wants to help you find and live your best life. I have recommended her to family and friends and they have all had positive, helpful experiences. Sherri really has a gift and I am so grateful for her strength to share it."  ~J.G

"Where do I start! I have been a client of Sherri's for over 6 months and truly cannot say enough wonderful things about her and the business. My experience has been both with Reiki and group classes. One particular thing that initially stood out to me was her respect towards various avenues of individual belief, religion, and spirituality. I have been able to carry the knowledge gained through my work with her into my personal relationships, as well as into my career. Sherri is truly one of the most professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable people I know in her field. I can guarantee that you will grow from your work with her. Absolutely one of the best decisions I've made in working towards my goals in overall health and well-being this year ."  ~K.M

"We've worked with Sherri for over a year now, starting with Access Bars and reiki before moving into past life regression and taking classes with her. Sherri is an excellent teacher and explains things in several different ways so everyone can understand. The material we learn is always something a beginner or more advanced spiritual person could use. The best part is that Sherri is truly a generous soul - she genuinely wants everyone to learn skills to improve their life on their own time. Our lives have changed dramatically since we started practicing with Sherri and her knowledge and teachings has had such an impact on us. We couldn't be more grateful."  -T.C

Reiki for pets


Sherri is a Registered Veterinary Technician and offers healing sessions to your furry friends too

Animals appreciate healing sessions as they are exceptionally sensitive to their environment. Energy work is a proven method in reducing stress and anxiety, reducing pain and helping with arthritis. Pet Reiki sessions are generally done in their own home to decrease stress and optimize the healing session. What can Reiki do for your pet:

           * Ease anxiety and separation issues

           * Reduce arthritis and chronic pain

           * Reduce stress and aggression

           * Promote overall well-being


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